Juice Cleanse Instructions

For your body, mind, and soul.


I believe that the freshest fruits and vegetables make the best juice. Satya Juices are 100% organic, raw and unprocessed, so they are still full of the vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes that your body needs.

This does mean that your juice needs to be refrigerated as quickly as possible upon receiving it. Keep it cold when you’re out and about by bringing along an ice pack!

Satya juices are living food, so we recommend consuming your juices within 4 days of arrival for maximum freshness and quality.


Your first juice (labeled with the number 1) should be consumed upon waking up – this allows your body to begin absorbing all of the rich nutrients right away.

After your first juice, drink a bottle every 2 to 3 hours (follow the numbers on top of the bottles). It’s best to drink 8 to 12 ounces of water between every juice.


Each person reacts to a juice cleanse differently, so what you experience may be different from the next person. This is a detox, though, so you may feel some of the following:

• Tired – take it easy while your body works to get rid of toxins
• Headaches – make sure you’re drinking plenty of water
• Constipation – go for a walk or do some yoga to help get things flowing

I know these sound unpleasant but, believe me, those symptoms are a good thing. It means the juice cleanse is working and your body is getting rid of harmful toxins that are holding you back from being your best self. Once your cleanse is over, expect to start feeling better than ever!


Absolutely! I believe that cleanses are about nourishment, not deprivation. If you get hungry during your cleanse, you can enjoy any of these foods:

• Small amounts of raw fruit
• Raw salad with fresh veggies and lemon juice
• Avocado
• Raw seeds or nuts (no salt, please!)
• Low-sodium miso soup or vegetable broth
• Fresh or Steamed veggies


Lifestyle changes are challenging – in the best way possible. If you find yourself struggling during your cleanse, remind yourself why you chose to do this. Hold on to that “why” – it’s your beacon of light that will help you flow past the cravings, self-doubt, or external pressure and into a place of peace.

When you’re doing this juice cleanse, you are doing more than ridding your body of toxins and flooding it with physical nourishment. You are showing up and holding space so you can let the best version of yourself shine through.

Be gentle with yourself during your cleanse (and always!). If you stray from the cleanse, don’t quit! Just pick up where you left off, sending yourself love and forgiveness.

During your cleanse, create space for celebration of the gift you are giving to your body, mind, and soul. Reward yourself with praise, love, kindness, and, of course, more Satya Juice!

You’ve got this!

Truth in Juice,
Kriti Sehgal

Back to Basics

The Ultimate 3 Day Soup & Juice

9 Detoxifying Soups
6 Rejuvenating Juices
1 Daily Wellness Boost
+ 2 Complimentary Pure Boosts



Plan to drink or eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day

First thing: Start your morning right with our Well-Being wellness boost
Breakfast: Sweet Green Juice (can be taken at the same time as your boost)
Mid-Morning: Warm up your body with our delicious Green Detox soup
Lunch: Dig in to our Carrot Ginger Turmeric soup – our best selling soup.
Afternoon: Glow, our liquid sunshine in a bottle
Dinner: Final soup of the day, our Cauliflower Roasted Tahini, yum!
Pure Bonus Boost: be sure to skip your vitamins and give your body the final boost on an empty stomach before bed

Please note: Since you are receiving the freshest food with no additives, it is important to consume the juice within 4 days and the soup within 5 days of delivery.

Want to get the most out of your detox?

Get your blood flowing, your mind centered, and your belly full with the good stuff.

Aim to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. You’ll stay in alignment with the natural rhythm of your body. Late evening is for resting and digesting.

Wind down: Create a bedtime routine for yourself – nothing stimulating at least one hour before bed. Turn off all screens, read, listen to a book on tape, meditate, stretch and practice deep breathing.

Bathe: Pre-bath, spend 5-10 minutes massaging yourself from head to toe with oils. Lavender is the perfect essential oil to calm the mind and prepare the body for restorative sleep.

Sip: Have a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, which soothes and relaxes the central nervous system. Peppermint tea and fennel tea also help to relieve excess gas and bloating.

Create a gratitude practice. Jotting down what you are grateful for each day will leave you with a positive feeling and is a supportive way to reconnect with what matters most.

And last but not least: Sleep! Shoot for eight hours to restore your body and look and feel your best every day.

TIP: Alkaline Water: Drink at least 60 oz. of Alkaline water throughout the day. The right kind of water is the key to ultimate health and wellbeing. Alkaline neutralize acid in the bloodstream, cleanses the colon and supports overall.

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