Satya (sa-ti-ya) is Sanskrit for ‘truth’ – we also stand for living well and honoring ourselves with organic and unprocessed foods.

‒ Erika Ianoale, Founder

Satya’s mission is to bring nutritious premium juices and complete cleansing programs to anyone who wants to be their best self. We are dedicated to the most natural process possible so that you are receiving optimal vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.


We are just as passionate about the wellness of the Earth as our bodies. This is why we seek out the most consciously grown and ethically sourced produce for our juices. We are intentional about supporting sustainable supply chains, collaborating with reputable organic farmers, and featuring seasonal produce in our products to support realignment with the cycles of nature.


Here at Satya, we are mindful of the interconnected nature of body, mind and spirit. Each of our juices is expertly crafted, with the various dimensions of your being in consideration. From heart-health to anxiety reduction, digestion to spiritual cleansing, we believe that juicing can greatly support your path of holistic awareness and healing.


Juicing is an investment in your health and we are committed to offering the highest quality product to support your journey. Satya Juice is 100% raw, organic, cold-pressed and never pasteurized, ensuring the maximum extraction of vitamins and minerals. Once your juice is pressed and bottled in our local Philadelphia kitchen, it is delivered the same day. No fillers. No chemicals. No preservatives. Always fresh and made with love.


We are passionate about helping you awaken to your best self. Integrating juicing into your daily routine is an incredible way to spark transformation from the inside out. We believe that nourishing our bodies with raw fruits and vegetables helps us feel more radiantly alive and motivated to fulfill our goals and dreams.


Let’s keep the good karma flowing! Know that by nourishing your temple with Satya Juices, you are contributing to a good cause. Part of our mission is to give back to the global community by sharing our passion for holistic wellness and contributing to educational programs & other humanitarian efforts.

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Educating our children about food can have a lifelong effect – influencing how they treat themselves, others and the environment. This is why Satya dedicates a portion of your purchase to food related programs and other humanitarian sponsorships.

Do you have a program or project that you think would be a good fit for Satya? We’d love to hear about it.

Ginger + Turmeric:
The New Shots You Should Be Knocking Back Every Day!

These juice shots pack a punch and are addictive in a good way! Satya's Wellness Boosts are the perfect way to quickly get alkaline, reboot immunity, and revolutionize your health.  Each boost provides the body with a powerful dose of nutrients all in one mouthful…Clearly why the founder of Satya, Erika swears by them!
Celebrating with Marcus Lemonis and Brody Jenner at the The Profit Premier Party. 
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This is our truth, our juice means love for people, a passion to strive harder and connect to one another. We live by what we believe. We don't have to be different, we simply are. #profitpremiereparty
The juicing culture goes as far back as 150 BC.. Cleansing was known for profound strength, health remedies and benefits. Puru and Korea used juicing as part of rituals for healing. When we cleanse our body will go into a healing state, regenerating new cells.

Our method begins with the types of produce that we use and how that produce entirely impacts the end product. All Satya juices are made with 100% organic produce. This ensures that our juices, from the start, are free of harmful super-toxic  chemicals that are sprayed onto conventional produce. Our use of entirely organic produce also ensures that we support the farmers who have dedicated themselves to the rigorous and time consuming process of becoming certified organic. This means that the produce in our juices is of the highest quality and has the greatest mineral nutrition available.

Juicing is a process that extracts the juice from fruit and vegetables with the intent to create a juice full of vitamins, essential nutrients, with whole body nutritional benefits. There are many methods that one can use in juicing however many of those methods do not extract the full nutritional benefits in the produce itself.

This super fruit watermelon carries antioxidants like lycopene, contains 92% water, high in vitamin A,B and C which helps boost the immune system,fights off free radicals and is a super hydrating beauty potion.
Welcome to Fresh Pressed, a blog by Satya Juice.  We will be sharing truth, passions, lifestyle tips, entrepreneurial wisdom, recipes, inspiration and so much more!

Join us..
"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandhi

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Seasonal Goodness

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J u i c y  I n s i g h t

Did you know that Tangerines are known as a beauty food? Say hello to radiant, glowing skin by integrating these beauties into your diet. Try Satya's signature citrus juice, Glow, to radiate from the inside out.

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N e w Y o u

Only two weeks left! Don't miss out on your chance to cleanse into spring with Satya. We are offering our 3-Day New You Cleanse for just $125! Order online at and enter promo code NEW YOU at the checkout. Happy juicing ♡