The universe doesn’t hear what you are saying, it only feels the vibration of what you are offering.

‒ Abraham Hicks

The universe doesn’t hear what you are saying, it only feels the vibration of what you are offeirng.

‒ Abraham Hicks

organic juice

Nearly 5 pounds of fresh organic produce handcrafted and cold-pressed into each Satya bottle.


All of our juices contain 100% organic ingredients. We only use whole fruits and vegetables from reputable organic farmers (local farmers whenever possible). We never add anything to our juices, no sweeteners, no preservatives.


There are many reasons that cold-pressed juice is healthier than pasteurized juice. Raw juice is higher in nutritional content than pasteurized, while pasteurization can destroy vitamin A, B, and C, enzymes and important natural compounds.


We produce all of our juices daily in our local Philadelphia juice kitchen. Once the juices are cold-pressed and bottled, they are ready to be delivered that day. Since we never store anything over-night, you are drinking the freshest juice possible.

Choose your Path. Our Juice will Light the Way.

Satya Juice Cleanse

New You Cleanse

Satya Juice Cleanse

Breakthrough Cleanse

The juices really do have everything you need. I didn’t have many hunger cravings at all. Also, the customer service is above and beyond! You really feel like you get a one on one experience. I would recommend this juice cleanse to anyone and everyone. It’s a good thing to do for your body.

Kali R.On her first Satya Experience (3 Day New You Cleanse)

I have been using their delivery service for several months- I live in West Chester, PA – they deliver all over the suburbs which is Awesome!!!

Mike McCarthyEntrepreneur

I have tried them all, you can 2000% taste the difference with Satya. Your juice is leagues above.

Debbie RechDirector for Faculty Events, Penn Law

Down 21 pounds, Cholesterol down 19 points, Triglycerides down 38 points.

BillOn his results by drinking Satya Juice

Satya juices are remarkable, I really believe drinking them for the past few years has really kept my body in wonderful health.

Erica TaxinFounder of Yoga Shala

Fresh Pressed

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