Kale / Cucumber / Apple / Lemon / Ginger

Our best seller! Kale is nature’s most age-defying secret & ultimate detoxifier.

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All of our juices have a 4 day shelf life.

If you’re green juice phobic, fear not. This gentle introduction brings green apple, savory kale, and crisp cucumber together with a bit of lemon and ginger for a refreshing, non-grassy gulp. If you’ve been deprived of fruits and vegetables, this is a delicious starter.

  • Kale / Cucumber / Apple / Lemon / Ginger
  • Helps balance body’s PH
  • Gets rid of cravings
  • Reintroduces your body to essential vitamins & nutrients
  • Truly a super food, kale is nature’s most age defying secret, full of fiber, protein and nutrients. ageless is not only in the name

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