Myth: I’ll miss chewing!

TRUTH: It’s true that drinking your nourishment may be an unfamiliar experience.

However, you might just find yourself feeling grateful for the simplicity of opening

a bottle of juice and mindfully sipping!

In place of the time spent planning, prepping and chewing your meals,

you’ll free up time to be present with yourself.

During a cleanse, we are also given the opportunity to look at our attachments to food and

the emotions that are associated to our cravings for certain flavors and textures.

Remember, cleanses are temporary and you’ll surely appreciate

the fresh perspective on food gained through the experience!

Myth: I’ll be starving!

TRUTH: Juice cleanses are not as much about restriction as they are about flooding the

body with vital nutrients. Depending on your pre-existing diet, you may be consuming

fewer calories than usual during your cleanse – however, you can be assured that each

calorie in a glass of juice is pure and nutrient dense.

The hunger individuals sometimes encounter during cleanses is more often linked to

the mind and/or emotions than it is to the body. Without empty calories, our stomachs

will feel more satiated, our minds will be more focused and our

bodies will feel more energized!

Myth: I’ll be stuck in the bathroom!

TRUTH: During a cleanse, many people experience changes in their digestion and

elimination. Specific symptoms are largely dependent on the individual’s pre-existing

diet and hydration habits. In most cases, individuals consume more liquids than usual while

cleansing, which may result in more frequent urination. Remember that this is all a part

of the detoxification process!

Stay hydrated with pure, filtered water throughout your cleanse and you’ll soon

experience the benefits of strain-free bowel movements, healthy urination,

and the optimization of one of your body’s modes of detoxification.

“Mothers are the ones who are most able to sow the seeds of love, universal kinship, and

patience in the minds of human beings. There is a special bond between a mother and a child.

The mother’s inner qualities are transmitted to the child even through her breast milk.

The mother understands the heart of the child; she pours her love into the child,

teaches him or her the positive lessons of life,and corrects the child’s mistakes…

A woman who has awakened her innate motherhood brings heaven to earth

wherever she is. Only women can create a peaceful, happy world. And so it

is that the one who rocks the cradle of the babe is the one who holds up the lamp,

shedding light on the world…”

– Sri Mata Amritanadamayi Devi

from The Awakening of Universal Motherhood: Geneva Speech

Wishing you Best Health,


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