A few times a year, we all go through the struggle of keeping ourselves healthy and on-track during the holidays. Whether it be a big family meal or a simple evening at your favorite restaurant, we tend to focus less on our health and more on The Right Now. The Right Now refers to the instant feeling you get when you sit down and stare at a delicious spread or when you scan a special Easter menu at a restaurant and you want to devour everything in sight, with no regard for what you’re putting in your body. All you can focus on is the instant satisfaction you’ll feel when you eat all your favorite foods. What we don’t think about how you’re going to feel tomorrow or how you’re even going to feel right after the meal. That’s why we’re here! Here are some tips and tricks to to provide some insight during the holiday, but still being able to enjoy your meal.

Some things you can do pre-holiday meal include, setting boundaries, recruiting outside support from a date or a friend, setting aside time for self-care prior to the meal, packing healthy snacks,and knowing your triggers. Before you head out to that special dinner that you’ve been excitedly waiting for all month, take a second to write down your goals for the evening in your journal. After the meal, you can update your goals with how you did at the event. This will help you keep yourself honest and keep you from drifting from your goals. In order to stick to these goals, enlisting a friend or family member to gently remind each other of your goals for the night so you don’t fall too far off the wagon.

Taking time to ditch your stress can keep you from over-eating from stress or anxiety so be sure to take time out to do some yoga or knock out a quick workout before you go out or practice some breathing exercises you can bust out during your downtime during the party if you find yourself getting stressed or anxious. It’s also important to not be so hard on yourself. If you do eat one marshmallow peep, and it leads to a dozen marshmallow peeps, try not to beat yourself up. Everyone slips up sometimes, especially during the holidays.

Once the festivities begin, now that you’re facing the deliciously tempting food spread, it is important to keep a level head. You can do this by choosing quality over quantity, keeping chocolate only for dessert time, and rethinking the food gifts that you give. Instead of tasting one of everything, pick two or three things that really catch your eye, or your stomach, and indulge in those items. Going for the options you only get at Easter time instead of regular everyday foods will also keep you on track. and if you can’t resist the need for chocolate, choose dark chocolate over milk- it’s more filling and full of antioxidants. Lastly, when giving food gifts or bringing a plate, think about picking fruits or raw nuts instead of chocolates or other sweets. You can also choose some handmade crafts as great gifts!

Don’t let the fear of breaking your diet or falling off the wagon stop you from enjoying your holiday. And if you do stray away, you can always get your body back in shape with a Satya juice cleanse- delivered right to your door! Pistachio Mylk is perfect for replenishing your body after a binge.




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