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A Story | Satya’s founder meets one of her greatest inspirations

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IntroducingThe Spring Juice Collection


Last week, Satya Juice took a leap of faith in the direction of everything it stands for–connection, wellness, and the disruption of limiting beliefs.

Our founder, Erika Ianoale, attended the Wealth & Achievement Summit in Philadelphia, which featured prominent motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and exemplars of excellence.

At the conference, Erika formed a connection and an experience that evokes the spirit of Satya–authentic, honest, and certainly bold. Through a series of coincidences and well-timed risks Erika made her way to meeting one of her greatest inspirations: Tony Robbins.

Taking every strand of wisdom that comes her way with a grain of salt, Erika found Tony’s teachings help her connect more deeply with her vision and retrain her mind to seek out the highest good for herself and others. Years later, the result of her determination and her passion for wellness has culminated in Satya Juice–a product that nourishes, inspires, and supports others along their path of wellness.

After meeting with Tony backstage and seeing him drink our Sapphire during his talk, Satya left the event with a sense of renewed sense of gratitude and faith in our product.

Satya took a huge risk to share our passion for wellness. What are you willing to risk to spread your light to the world?

That’s right–Tony Robbins and Erika, the founder of Satya Juice!

Introducing Satya Juice at Bar Bombon!
Satya is excited to announce it’s newest partnership. Bar Bombon in Rittenhouse Square, Philly will now be serving our fresh-pressed juices and boosts. Stop by the restaurant to try some of your Satya favorites, or pre-order a cleanse online for pick-up at Bar Bombon on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Recipe We Love

Rainbow Hummus &

Avocado Collard Wraps

Easy collard green wraps stuffed with hummus, avocado, walnuts, and a refreshing blend of rainbow veggies. Light and easy, these wraps are perfect to throw together for an easy lunch or dinner. Try it here.

Our Spring Collection

Bok Choy Joy
Antioxidant power house packed with vitamins A, C, & K

Red Beauty
Stimulates healthy digestion

Pear Love
Balances the body’s pH

Hydrating and packed with potassium

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