In this edition, we will be talking about all things LOVE. Many things can fall under the category of love – self-love, romantic love, and what we love… and we are excited to discuss them all.

Stay tuned for ways you can keep a self-love diet, be kind to your body, and pursue movement in you body to keep your heart, mind, and soul healthy and active.

We will also be discussing things we love. This includes a favorite book from Satya Founder, Erika as well as some of our favorite products and cleanses.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

This is

F R E S H  P R E S S E D,

where we share whats on our minds with “no additives included.”

F I N D  N E W  W A Y S  T O  S A Y  L O V E  O R  B E  M I N E

T H I S  H O L I D A Y  S E A S O N

Give the gift of health and wellness – a delicious one at that – with Satya’s favorite juices, Aphrodisia, Red Beauty, and Pistachio Mylk!

We can’t help but swoon over these 3 gorgeous vegan, dairy free aphrodisiac juices. And even better, they don’t clash with our wellness and nutrition goals.

Aphrodisia – A powerful mood enhancer, sure to put you in a happy place.
Red Beauty – Sweet, tangy and full of antioxidants.
Pistachio Mylk – A heart-healthy treat, protecting your body from the inside out.

These delicious vegan treats will have you feeling as good as they look… which is pretty damn good, if we do say so ourselves.

 Get it while you can, and don’t forget to share with the ones you love!

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C R E A T I N G  A  S E L F – L O V E  D I E T

Find healthy ways to create a self-love diet and live a happy, healthy life with a clear mind and a healthy heart.

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Leif Milk Bath’s Jasmine Flower Milk Bath

Featuring dried jasmine blossoms, this relaxing treatment employs jasmine oil, epsom salts and whole milk to ease aches and pains, improve skin’s elasticty, hydrate and smooths skin.

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Brene Brown’s Book: Rising Strong

Satya’s Founder, Erika, loves this book and the strength and bravery it gave her. It helped her during her journey, tending to her soul and reminding her that it is possible to be on the right path, no matter how difficult it is.

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Make these adorable chocolate heart lollipops for the loves in your life.
The perfect edible homemade gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s for your mum, girlfriends, boyfriend or yourself these chocolate heart lollipops are the cutest way to say ‘I love you’. Because we could all do with a bit more love in the world.