F R E S H  P R E S S E D

In this edition we’ll be focusing on the wonderful transition from Summer to Fall and some tips that can help our Satya Family have a successful and healthy transition into the new season.

This edition features our new September juices and the benefits that come with them.

We’ll also be discussing herbs that boost your brain power in spirit of a new season in order to give our brains a much needed recharge

We are also happy to announce the return of two beloved flavors and the introduction of two new flavors to ring in the new Fall season.

This is F R E S H  P R E S S E D,
where we share whats on our minds with “no additives included.”

Our well-loved, classic flavors are making their return! Pumpkin Smoothie and Red Beauty make their way back to us just in time for the Fall.

S A T Y A  +  S A P P H I R E
 Our new juice: Sapphire. This juice is filled with Blue Majik, pineapple, coconut water, mint, lime and Himalayan Sea Salt. Blue Majik is a world-class super food having been consumed by indigenous people for thousands of years.
Why you should try it: containing over 64 nutrients, Blue Majik has more protein and chlorophyll than any other food source. It contains unique nucleic acids, including DNA and RNA, which act as building blocks for the immune system and tissue regeneration.
Its rich chlorophyll content can help to purify the blood, promote intestinal regularity and detoxify the body
Blue Majik is also abundant in essential fatty acids, which are necessary for lowering inflammation levels, improving cardiovascular health and mood, and optimizing nerve and brain functioning.
The benefits of this foundational food are far reaching, restoring the overall biochemical balance by nourishing the body at the cellular level.

W H Y  R E C H A R G I N G  Y O U R  B R A I N   I S  C R U C I A L

Our brains are essential to how we live our daily lives- from start to finish. Not only does our brain play a part in the way we wake up and sleep, this integral organ works all throughout the day to keep us moving.
As Satya is not only concentrated on helping the body prosper, we are also committed to helping the mind blossom. We are so conscious of what we put in our bodies to keep our hearts pumping and the rest of our body in its best form, we must also make sure our brains are being taken care of as well.

Open your mind to herbs that will help you not only feel more focused, but more productive as well…

W H A T  H E R B S  C A N  H E L P  B O O S T  Y O U R  B R A I N?


W H E R E  C A N  I  L E A R N  M O R E?
Food Scientist Heribert Watzke did a TED Talk called “The Brain is in Your Gut” and talks about the “hidden brain” in our stomach and the surprising things it makes us feel. This video brings up an important conversation about the thousands of functioning neurons in our intestines.
Watzke also talks about his works to develop new kinds of food that will satisfy our bodies and minds This talk a perfect tie-in to the correlation between the food we consume and our brain power.

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