D E M Y S T I F Y I N G  J U I C I N G  &  S A T Y A ’ S  M E T H O D


Juicing is a process that extracts the juice from fruit and vegetables with the intent

to create a juice full of vitamins, essential nutrients, with whole body nutritional benefits.

There are many methods that one can use in juicing however many of those methods

do not extract the full nutritional benefits in the produce itself.


Our method begins with the types of produce that we use and how that produce entirely

impacts the end product. All Satya juices are made with 100% organic produce.

This ensures that our juices, from the start, are free of harmful super-toxic chemicals

that are sprayed onto conventional produce. Our use of entirely organic produce also

ensures that we support the farmers who have dedicated themselves to the rigorous and

time consuming process of becoming certified organic. This means that the produce in

our juices is of the highest quality and has the greatest mineral nutrition available.

Our method continues in our juice kitchen where humans (not machines) hand

weigh and press the organic produce to ensure continuity in all the juices and

their whole body benefits. We cold press the raw produce in our juice,

which ensures all nutritional elements of the produce are incorporated.

We never add heat to our produce while juicing because the heating process

destroys key elements that are essential to our juices.

Additionally, we press all of our juices in conjunction with our orders.

This means that when you order juice from Satya, it will be pressed on

the same day that it is delivered to you or picked up.

Lastly, an extremely important element of what we do is actually what we don’t do.

We do not add any preservatives, sugars, binding agents, or water to our juices.

This means that everything you consume is being handled and cold-pressed

with integrity from the beginning, to the end.


Our juice lasts for four days from the day it’s pressed. That time frame is due to the fact that we

do not cut corners or add chemicals to force the juice to stay “fresh” longer. The freshness of our product

and its lifespan only further demonstrates our truthfulness in our method and the astounding juice that

is created. Our genuine freshness ensures that our Satya Family receive a product that nourishes

their own wellness and healthy journey.

On Memorial Day, we call back our memories of the individuals who have passed on

and those who live on in war. We can not help but be reminded by the atrocities of

war and the souls who have laid down their lives because of it.

We find it important to remember these individuals as we contemplate the continuous

impact war has on our beautiful world. We must focus on our connectivity and humanity

as a whole. We must focus on the impact we have on our world and those around us.

If we move our focus to this concept we mourn the deceased who have been and

continue to be harmed by violence. In doing this, we celebrate the resilience of our

humanity as we strive towards peace.

On this Memorial Day, we at SATYA will meditate with the wisdom of

Martin Luther King Jr.

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each

other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other

because they have not communicated with each other.”


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