This edition is all about mindfulness and how you can find your flow.

We will discuss how we can find our flow by slowing down and showing gratitude and what it can do for our mind and body.

We will also be thinking up tips on how to shed pounds on a mindful diet – ways to eat in the moment and love it!

Also keep an eye out for a journal entry from our fabulous founder, Erika, on how she stays gracious in order to stay in sound mind and body.

This is
F R E S H  P R E S S E D,

where we share whats on our minds with “no additives included.

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F I N D I N G  Y O U R  F L O W

In this day and age, it can become increasingly difficult to figure out ways to concentrate not only on our physical well-being, but our mental well-being as well. But who says they should be cared about separately? There are many ways in which we can utilize tricks and tips in order to become our best selves. All we have to do is remember to stay mindful, and the rest will follow.

With the flood of daily tasks and routines rushing past us, we continuously worry about a million different things. Am I on time? Did I bring what I needed to bring with me? What’s next? We can even find ourselves thinking weeks and even months in advance. But what we hardly find time to concentrate on is the present; what is happening here and now. Taking the time to slow down and meditate on what you’re doing and what’s going on in your life can transform your entire well-being.

Next time you have an event to go to, take the time to be present during the event. Take mental snapshots of what you’re wearing, who you are with, funny or memorable things said, and moments that made you smile. Put away your phone and make conversations. Have discussions and open your mind to new things. Don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking or if they’re having a good time. Try to keep yourself in the moment so that you can reflect on it later and incorporate the things that made you happy into your daily life.

One day we are going to look back on the moments that helped formed who we are, and we want to make sure that we remember every bit that we can. Our memories and thoughts are what make us the person that we are, so we need to make sure that we are doing our best to get the most out of every thought and action that we carry out.

G R A T I T U D E  A N D  W H A T  I T 

C A N  D O  F O R  Y O U

Staying gracious and taking a moment to appreciate the good things in our lives can yield wondrous results. With all the drama and the fast-pace of our daily lives, we can sometimes be found guilty of getting caught up in all the negativity out in the world and can end up dwelling on the negative things in our lives. Even if you have had a terrible day, sitting down and thinking about all the things you are grateful and thankful for can open your mind and improve not only your mood within, but your mood towards others.

One ways in which you can show your gratitude is to start a journal. Meditating on the good things in your life and pursuing a self-reflection can open your mind to positivity. Writing down 5 things that you are thankful for at the end of each day can help you dismiss the things that might have affected you negatively and fill your mind with all the things that make you happy.

Another way you can express your gratitude is to be giving to those around you.  Saying thank you to someone who held the door to you or giving a compliment to someone on something you admire about them could potentially turn their day around and encourage them to be more positive.

5  W A Y S  T O  E A T  M I N D F U L L Y  – 

A N D  L O V E  I T

It can be hard at times to stay on track with eating healthy, but there are a few easy ways to pause for a second, take a step back, and make more informed and better decisions when you’re eating, without sacrificing the things you love.

Ask yourself: “Do I really want this?”

Taking a second to ask yourself this easy question before you eat can really go a long way. It can help gauge how hungry you are and the reason behind why you’re eating. People can also misread their thirst for hungry! So take a second and assess before you dive in.

Have lunch anywhere but your desk

It has been believed that although you can do many different tasks while you eat at your desks, you’re not really fully paying attention to what you’re eating. As a result, you are less than satisfied with your meal and can end up eating more than is needed.

Play with texture

By playing with the textures of your food, you can wake up your taste buds and your sense of “food adventure.” Ways you can switch it up is by freezing grapes, softening up your sandwich with a slice of avocado, or sprinkling some pretzels over your frozen yogurt.

Organize your cluttered kitchen

A recent Wansink study published in Environment and Behavior found that “having a neat eating environment helps you feel like the world is less out of control,” he explains, “and reduces the chances of eating from anxiety.”

End your meal with a favorite

Saving the best for last can help us become more satisfied after we eat. So saving your favorite part of the meal for last can help you end on a positive note and can save you from eating more, later.

To find more tips on how to eat mindfully, read this
Time article by Ellen Sideman



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