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My name is Stella  and I ordered a 3 day cleanse from you for last weekend. I wanted to share a couple things I experienced during my first cleanse.
For starters, I’d like to say that I’ve never cleansed before. I was definitely nervous about the process. It seemed odd to go without food for 3 days but my friend recommended I do it with her…I was definitely reluctant. However, I’m really glad she pushed me to do it. 

First and foremost, I want to thank the Satya Team for being so accommodating to my dietary restrictions and life threatening food allergies. After reaching out to you via email,  I was so impressed with how seriously you reacted to my needs and restrictions. 

It has been one day since I finished cleansing. The first day was hard. I felt more of a longing for the act of eating food than for food itself. The juices really filled me up. I relied on raw veggies throughout the first day, off and on. 

The second day was much better. I noticed that I was hydrating much more consistently. A part of me expected to feel exhausted… but it was quite the opposite! I went to yoga feeling strong and looked forward to drinking the next juice. 

The third and final day was the easiest. It was so easy to combine cleansing with work. I didn’t expect that. I packed my juices in an insulated lunchbox (w/4 frozen gel packs) and went along my day as planned. 

I have to say, although it was hard as a beginner (who’s no fitness guru 🙂 to do this… I am so happy I did. My body feels clean, energized, and I emotionally feel really upbeat. I actually feel so incredible today that I’m sad I don’t have a juice to drink. Definitely expect to see more orders from me in the future!

Stella A. 

This vinaigrette is light, flavorful, and beautifully accentuates a salad or vegetable snack!

Perfect for picnics on the ocean!

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