We all know super hot days are steadily approaching and while many of us deal with these days by praising air conditioning or hopping into the nearest body of water, we generally forget one thing.

T O  H Y D R A T E !

Hydration is so much more than just drinking a lot of water before an intense workout or on a hot day. It is a steady, building process that ensures cognitive functioning, physical strength, and overall well being stay at peak performance.
It’s a learning curve… and trust me, I am definitely still learning.

1. Understand How Much Water you Should be Consuming on a Daily Basis
Many professionals advocate for 8 glasses of water a day (8 ounces each) or even 1/2 oz – 1oz for every pound you weigh. Make an attainable hydration goal based your body’s needs. If you don’t hit it the first time or fluctuate in consistency, remember again  that proper hydration is a building process. Don’t be discouraged!

2. Find a Reusable Water Bottle you Like and ALWAYS have it by your Side
No one will judge you… there’s an entire industry for reusable water containers! Find the right one for you and make bringing it to the office, the gym, the beach, or wherever you may go a part of your routine.
  (My favorite is the glass CamelBak and all S’well products)

3. Seriously… Incorporate it into your Routine
Structure definitive times when you hydrate. Definitely a glass of water in the morning,  during your lunch break, and in the late afternoon. In addition to TIP #4…

4. Sip Consistently
Didn’t do so well on hydrating today, don’t worry! We have ALL been there but PLEASE don’t chug! Shocking your system with anything puts you at the risk for becoming sick.

5. Understand hydration isn’t ONLY water
Hydration comes from many sources, especially produce. Keeping a well balanced diet and incorporating other methods to hydrate will make your body feel amazing!
All of Satya’s Juices are ultra-hydrating. That’s why I incorporate them into my hydration routine, especially on the days where I’m craving some extra nutrients and vitamins. When I drink Satya Juice I know I am drinking a juice that is designed to keep my body balanced, tastes delicious, and is providing key elements necessary for hydration.


Made with a base of coconut milk, this thick juice is simply a delight!

The pineapple and banana provide a light sweetness that is balanced delicately by the turmeric and cinnamon.

The sprouted chia seeds do not just provide a subtle crunch, but also extra protein!

Beauty Tonic’s ingredients assist the body in building collagen. Leaving your skin radiant and refreshed.
We didn’t need to add beauty into the ingredients, you’ve already got that covered!

Did I mention it also has anti-aging properties?

(& Beauty Tonic is also our founder’s Favorite Juice!)

In the spirit of water, we at Satya are encouraging you to do something water related. Here are three tips we thought the Satya Family might enjoy!

Buy a new water bottle (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate) 

Take a trip to the ocean to meditate and become one with tides.

Spend 1 minute in a very cold shower (this increases circulation and has amazing benefits for your complexion).

This week, as we welcome summer, discuss hydration, and talk about water related activities.

I would like to call to mind those who don’t have access to clean water, those who rely on contaminated water, and those who have to travel significantly to obtain any sort of water at all.

I would like the Satya family to meditate with these individuals in our hearts as we cherish the water we do have access to.

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