Stronger Immunity

When the cold weather starts to show it’s wicked face, our bodies are never fully prepared for it. We pull our sweaters out of storage and bundle up with scarves and hats on top of our many layers, but part of us is always in denial about what is actually to come.

During the winter months, people spend more time inside and in close contact with each other; especially in public places. This means that colds, coughs and the flu are more easily spread. Not only can the inside of  your body suffer, but so can the outside. That dry winter air can suck the moisture from your skin and cause cracks and cuts. So how do we defeat this winter war on our bodies?

By mixing up your diet with healthy foods, you can create a great foundation of general health and well being.  By equipping yourself with healthy eating habits, you are able to build on those habits in order to keep your immunity up when the cold weather hits. By sticking with foods in season, you are accepting the foods from nature that are providing the nutrients you need to survive that particular time of year. Whole grains and Plant Protein have a huge impact on your immune system too, so it is important to include enough of them in your diet. Include more veggies with high water content to hydrate from the inside out.

The key is to relax, catch some z’s, and make sure you keep an eye on your digestive system. High stress levels weaken your immune system. Sometimes you can’t eliminate all the causes of stress in your day-to-day life, but listen to your body and when it ‘asks’ for time off, don’t ignore it. Activities like reading, having a bath, walking, running, yoga, pilates and meditation can be effective in releasing tension and stress. Sleep gives your body a chance to rest, repair and keep that immune system of yours strong and ready to defend against any nasty invaders. We are what we eat, so be conscious of what you’re consuming. Foods high in probiotics like our very own Fire Cider, Kefir, Kombucha drinks, Tempeh and Miso will help aid your digestive track.

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